This gorgeous Wedding Collection features luxurious silver foil prints paired with traditional white for a clean, modern look. This simple look with touches of elegant silver fits into any theme and features a bohemian-inspired laurel to add interest. A wishing well is an elegant box that is gaining popularity among bridal couples for use on their Wedding day. They are designed to collect monetary gifts, cards, wedding wishes and messages of congratulations on the big day. Our Wedding Wishing Well features a glass front with metallic silver print that reads ‘Our Wishing Well’. The top of the box has a slot for receiving cards and notes and a story about the tradition of the wishing well. Printed in luxurious metallic silver text, the top reads: ‘The tradition of the wishing well used on a Wedding day is here for your gifts, wishes, words of wisdom and advice you would like to share. Thank you for your thoughts and good wishes. Our wish is that you will enjoy our Wedding day’. The box is white in colour and has a removable backing for removing contents. Box measures 30 x 20 x 20 cm. Packaged in a white cardboard box with Splosh logo.


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